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Information About Our Zynga Chip Transfers


We would like to inform you that our Zynga Poker chip transfer process typically takes between 10-15 minutes; however, this duration may vary under special circumstances. For instance, the time may differ depending on the availability of a vacant table, fluctuations in your chip balance, or the status of product stocks. We always strive to offer the most competitive prices for chip sales along with the fastest transfer capabilities.


When purchasing chips, we recommend checking the stock status of our products and ensuring that you have a sufficient amount of chips in your account if possible; this will help expedite your Zynga chip transfers.


It is important not to log into your account during the Zynga poker chip transfer process. If you log into the game after purchasing zynga chips, the transfer process may be blocked and the duration may be extended. You can track the transfer status from the order tracking screen located in the upper left corner of our website. This screen provides detailed information and allows you to edit your account information if necessary. Additionally, if you do not have chips in your account or if there is an error in your account information, you have the opportunity to make corrections.


Our chip sales service is available 24/7 without interruption. You can purchase Zynga chips at any time of the day.


The system, referred to as the panel, is generally unique in Turkey and around the world. This system allows our robots to log into your account and perform the chip transfer within the game appropriately. Our robots operate 24/7, enabling you to place orders at any time.


We are always at your service with the fastest chip transfer capabilities and the most competitive Zynga chip prices.

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